Our Vision

Our devoted team of phenomenal professionals at Freeman Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is passionate about delivering an exceptional dental experience to our wonderful patients. The fulfillment of your dental dreams continually inspires us to achieve remarkable results, incomparable care and immense satisfaction.

We believe the eyes are the window to the soul and your smile is the universal sign of happiness. Picture a toddler's angelic smile, a child's joy opening a gift, a bride and groom's love on their wedding day and we know you will agree!  We pledge to guide you to pathways of greater overall energy, an improved self-image and abundant smiles, as we create a confidence that leads to heightened well-being, strengthened relationships and enhanced opportunities!

We are dedicated to providing outstanding service and quality; proudly offering our expertise and the latest in advanced technology while respecting your values with compassionate communication. For those challenged by past memories, we promise to listen and empathize, with calming sedation and a gentle touch.

We are grateful for our talented teammates and embrace every great patient as a friend.  At the end of each day it's our special joy to know that we exceeded expectations and you are excited about your outcome.  Sharing your new smile and excitement with family, friends and associates is our greatest compliment.  After all, we cherish patients just like YOU!

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